Three hour online sessions focussing exclusively on identity system development and optimisation. 

Interviews. Dialogues. Workshops. Symposiums. Lectures.

Solport Sessions use the unique Identity Systems ideas, materials, processes, strategies and prompts.

Called Solport Sessions from their location in a C17 farm in the English Northern Borders.

Audiences and collaborators
We have run sessions with business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, marketing teams, agencies,
small businesses, organisations, local authorities, writers, perfomers, musicians, sportspeople,
events managers, and venues. Students and lecturers in, business, design, marketing, advertising,
branding, architecture and engineering.

Previous sessions include

Project preparation /Processes and protocols /Goal setting /8 Process /Research, Analysis, Discovery /Brand analysis /Brand mapping  /Brand identity auditing  /Brand strategy /Brand identity design /Naming /Design strategy /Candidate concepts /Choosing a concept  /Concept modelling /Brand assets for design for print /System development, sensory  /Brand narratives /Brand guidelines /Visual identity design /Website design templates /UX /Concept presentations /Design systems /Iconography /Art Direction /Brand management advisory /Writing for identity systems /Implementation /Guardianship consultation /Alignment around the need for change /Engagement in the change process /Demonstrating benefits; comparison and progress /Managing consistency, coherence and clarity